Dreamville's Most Underrated Names get Visuals for Sleep Deprived 

 Evan Dale // Aug 27, 2019 

Dreamville - Sleep Deprived.png

As one of the more underrated tracks by undoubtedly the least known collective of artists on the album, Sleep Deprived shined bright even amongst the absurdity of the greater Revenge of the Dreamers collection. In its overarching aesthetic, the track breathes unendingly of old-school hip-hop vibes. Low-fidelity production, organic instrumentation, a crystalline R&B chorus, and hard-hitting storytelling drive its entirety. Fittingly, Sleep Deprived’s visuals exude a similar vibe.


In a remarkable one-shot take where the track’s poetic protagonists, Lute, Omen, Mez, and DaVionne peruse and perform around an inner-city playground, Dreamville continues to exhibit just how wide-ranging of a creative collective they are, and just how much they seem bent on reinventing hip-hop for the better and more balanced.