International Collaborative, D Stellar Return with Mellow, Emotive Save.T 

 Evan Dale // Jan 14, 2020 

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 11.23.41

It’s been a while. Sydney-based, internet collaborative, D Stellar is the definition of pace and professionalism. Only having released a handful of singles since their run began in 2017, and only appearing as a featuring artist on one track, Y1’s Swagger in 2019, the pieces of the collective (of which there are many from many places) have been understandably focused more on their individual work. 


But alas, a single. Save.T which folds in two more featuring names, Milton Points & Maitê Inaê, is an expectedly low-fidelity, funky, and smooth track, highlighting Inaê’s vocals and riding the kind of instrumentation and perfectionism that explains all the time between releases. 


But even though, we hope more is on the way, because the sound of D Stellar and all the collaborative forces involved are always a welcomed piece of experimentation never quite heard before.