Duñe, Crayon & Ichon Team Up for an All-French, Cross-Genre Collab, Pointless 

 Evan Dale // Jan 17, 2020 

Dune - Pointless.jpg

Duñe is a Paris-based producer and singer fond of a floaty auditory aesthetic led by his mellow vocals.


Ichon is a French rapper whose low register and thought-provoking penmanship make him an unmistakable force on any track. 


Crayon is a veteran producer whose early work with Darius and FKJ was some of the most important to the early 2010’s Dreamwave movement and whose recent work – particularly 2018 EP, Post Blue – has been some of the most interesting, influential work of the post-genre era. 


And together, the three are Pointless.


Their collaborative single evokes in texture the sort of emotionality that is derived whenever something in life truly does feel futile. It’s impossibly mellow; it’s emotionally downplayed; its writing is poetic, evocative, and inescapably painful. And yet, it’s vibrantly romantic; it’s agonizingly relatable; and it’s addicting thanks to the genius, differentiating, and collaborative cohesiveness of all three artists involved. 


Pointless is a bold addition to the canons of Duñe, Ichon, and Crayon in the ways that some of the most overlooked and underrated collaborations tend to be. But like those collaborative efforts – of which River Tiber and Daniel Caesar’s West is the first to come to mind – it will prove to be remarkably influential not only on the direction of the artists involved, but on music at large.