DVSN & Snoh Aalegra Collaborate for Sultry Ballad, Between Us 

 Evan Dale // Mar 20, 2020 

There could not be an alliance in modern R&B with more scope and less repeatability than a track between DVSN and Snoh Aalegra. The most range-ridden male and female vocalists in music right now, it seems as though the collaboration could be nothing more than a dream. But dream come true, Between Us is very much a reality. And what a reality it is. Expectedly bubbling over with emotion, sensuality, and a whole lot of thinly veiled inuendo – I don’t want nothing in between us. Nothing there to stop the feeling – the single is everything that we expected and much, much more. 


Built on a signature DVSN beat, rooted in the soil of R&B’s most sexually forward moments where basslines, chimes, and sultry keys feel like they themselves are speaking in poetically seductive tones, DVSN and Snoh Aalegra exchange verses speaking to the provocatively dominant directions both artists have a tendency for. The juxtaposition between DVSN’s unseasonable high on the hook and Snoh Aalegra’s ever-meandering range on her verse sets up the whole track as the knock-down heavy-weight baby-maker of 2020 to this point. And what sort of star-studded at-the-moment duo could possibly outdo this one?


We’ll have the answer as DVSN’s next album, A Muse in Her Feelings, is due out April 17th via OVO. Stay tuned.