Experimental R&B Duo dvsn Return in Spectacular Form with In Between

 Evan Dale // July 10, 2019 

dvsn - In Between.png

There are certain artists who edge on the side of perfectionism, uninterested in prolificity and instead vibrantly dedicated to only the most genre-defining releases and expressions of their inability to miss. What Kendrick Lamar is to hip-hop, Toronto duo, dvsn are to R&B. Mysterious and rare, their releases are even better defined as transcendent and timeless. It’s been more than a year since we heard from them, but with new single, In Between, dvsn is as groundbreaking and courageous as ever. 


In a merging of styles that pulls together the acoustically-driven experimental lane of R&B à la Dijon with the watery synths and 80’s reminiscence of Snoh Aalegra, dvsn – years removed from the limelight – prove they’re still very much up-to-date and unforgiving of R&B’s boundaries. 


The track is sultry and sensual in all the ways we’ve long come to expect and admire from dvsn without falling into a trap of comfortability that artists at any given spectrum’s peak often do. Hopefully, it’s a sign that more is on the way very, very soon.