dvsn's Second Consecutive Unexpected Single Begs an Obvious Question 

 Evan Dale // July 11, 2019 

dvsn - Miss Me.png

Mysterious yet undeniable, omnipresent on R&B’s modern mark yet often MIA for years at a time, experimental Toronto R&B duo dvsn only release music when it lives up to the perfectionist standards of their career catalogue’s cloth. And with a pair of releases in as many days, it sounds like they’re on their way to another project that will come to redefine R&B’s ever-evolving auditory aesthetic. After the drop of acoustically-driven In Between, Miss Meits own high-fidelity answer.


Miss Me accomplishes a few things. Hand in hand with In Between, it’s a flex of dvsn’s long-established dominance in range. It’s also an exhibition of their knowledge and capability of R&B’s most differing modern trends – acoustic R&B and electronically-nuanced odes to the golden era. Lastly, Miss Me is proof that even in the R&B spectrums they’ve always driven as vibrant experimentalists, they continue to change and evolve, never comfortable and still pushing the boundaries of the now-indefinable R&B edge. 


Miss Me is a charming and transcendental bit of hi-fi R&B silk, as easy-listening and simple as it is warmly emotive.