Toronto Electro-R&B duo, dvsn Continue Single Rollout with A Muse 

 Evan Dale // Jan 15, 2020 

dvsn - A Muse.jpg

As 2020 gets rolling, there are few albums more heavily anticipated than Toronto electro-R&B duo, dvsn. Already having released four singles en route to its release, In Between, Miss Me, No Cryin, and now A Muse, it seems as though a full-length project might not be too far off. A Muse is, of the four singles, the one that brings to mind the most parallels with their earlier work. dvsn’s 2016 debut project, SEPT 5TH and their 2017 debut album, Morning After have been two of the most foundational bricks placed in the make-up of modern R&B. Laced with watery synths, explosive falsettos, and brash sexuality, the projects and A Muse are cut of a cloth like no one else in music.


Perhaps it’s because no one else is capable of the retro-futuristic instrumentation. Undoubtedly, it’s because no one else in music can hit the notes. But regardless of the reasons why dvsn is so damn different, they’re also so damn necessary. And A Muse is a hyper-romantic R&B explosion the likes of which have never come from anyone else.