For all of those yet to discover Bobby Earth who may also suffer from symptoms of limited time and patience, let us provide a three-worded summation towards his identity: dynamic as fuck. 


For all of those whose interest is now peaked or those willing to ride with us from the beginning, see more below.


Bobby Earth is a sort of individualistic self-conglomerate of creative artistry and business-oriented mindsmanship. Hailing from Houston, he’s graced with a parallel imaginative spirit and mutli-dimensional approach also evident in the most well-known of his hometown’s heroes, Travis Scott. He writes, he sings, he produces – oh, and he brings together a like-minded group of indefinable creative talent underneath the umbrella of his own label, Milky Wayv. Like we said before, dynamic as fuck.


And yet, through all of the extracurriculars that weigh on a person in such a position, he puts out the hits. His hits in particular, which stem from the underlying genius of his label, are as wind-ranging and intriguingly dynamic as his persona’s entirety.


In somewhat of a dramatic change of pace from his baby-maker-of-the-year candidate, Mood, that came out something like a month ago and has exploded into the R&B slow-jam scene in the time since, his new single, Gnarly, proves a creative boundlessness only seen in the work of artistically endowed. It’s a summer-inclined beat worthy of bumping at the next pool party that puts a more quickly-paced cadence to the test in contrasting harmony with his signature laid-back delivery. 


Expectedly, it comes together fluidly as yet another Bobby Earth jam that leave both the man and the myth on the imminent collision course with legend.