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EARTHGANG Channel Sci-Fi & Night at the Museum for Up Visuals

 Evan Dale // Oct 16, 2019 


EARTHGANG and are on fire of late. Their latest – an uber-creative hip-hop and sci-fi take on Night at the Museum – is the video for Up taken from EARTHGANG’s recent album, Mirrorland. The track alone is outrageously animated, which is nothing new for one of the more unique duos in hip-hop history and certainly the most inventive in the modern cloth. And where the absurdity of Up thrives, the video runs away with the idea of absurdity altogether. 


There’s really not any point in diving into the fantastical dreamworld the two paint. All that’s really needed to be said is that it’s one of the most vivid, creative, and borderline hilarious videos of the year, and that you need to watch it. 


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