London soulstress of all things groovy and funk-driven, ELIZA, has become a machine of producing the finest modern takes on the UK neo-soul directive. And with her recent exploits, finding harmony in their banner-defined album artwork, empowering undertone, and classically soulful texture, she seems to have found her strongest stride yet. 


Her latest, All Night, is a mellow tune that if released in the Summer of 1967, would have had a generation of anti-establishmentarians dancing provocatively in an ill-lit speakeasy. But, released today, it continues the firm push towards soul’s lively reawakening as one of 2018’s most defining sounds and most exciting futures. All Night is a particularly somber take on the sensualities of a funky love song, finding strength in ELIZA’s uncharacteristically drowned delivery met with equality amongst a backdrop of lowkey, traditional instrumentation.