London. London. London.


It may seem at times that we’re more of a geographic fanboy blog, and less of a global representation of the new and up and coming, but it’s impossible to do our job within the realm of the existing music scene without focusing a certain amount – oftentimes a majority – of our efforts in the direction of the UK. And to speak of the burgeoning scenes pushing their way in all directions outward from Britain’s borders without a mention of ELIZA, would be a fraudulent travesty. 


The young, yet supremely talented and extremely practiced vocalist finds herself a key member of the mass vocalism exportation redefining the role of voice in a post-genrefication era of global music. And why wouldn’t she?


Alone & Unafraid, is a groovy, funk-driven production that celebrates her vocal talent in harmony with an inspirational and positivity-evoking underlying vibe. There’s something about it impossible to not at least tap a toe at, and more likely, if played in the right kind of setting, would get any room full of people uncontrollably dancing their asses off. 


There’s a simplicity to the work that grants it the sort of far-reaching and widely-accepted application of a pop hit, while still holding true to a timely sense of musicality favoring the trend-forward usage of funk and jazz explorations.