Ever heard of Elton Aura?


Us Neither.


I’m sorry to tell you that we’ve been missing out, but now that we’re all here, it’s time to bask in the flush, debonair glow of the Chicago native’s flow, and enjoy music the way it should be made.


His ability to put together a buttery hook brings forth memories of Daniel Caesar’s confidently broken delivery, while his unrelenting pace and simultaneously clean bars are reminiscent of the rare moments when Frank Ocean decides to pick up the heart rate and drop bars. He is of the same class, the same school by way of his ability to effortlessly drift between the worlds of top-tier, soulful vocals and laid-back, meaningful hip-hop flow, and always does so over non-invasive, seamless production.


His newest track is titled Callin’, and though it’s the first we’ve heard from the rising star, its effect on us has already been powerful enough to dedicate all of our plans in the near future to exploring his entire collection and catching up on the times missed.