Elujay Stamps 2019 with Tallulah A-Side / B-Side 

 Evan Dale // Dec 15, 2019 

Elujay - Tallulah.jpg

To stamp a 2019 that has been his most noteworthy to date, mellow R&B modernist, Elujay has released Tallulah. The A-Side / B-Side tape comes a couple seasons following his acclaimed EP, Adojio and serves its purpose as a further exploration of his ever-evolving and continually emerging aesthetic. The young Oakland songwriter floats the gray areas between a lot of established lanes. Some of Adojio’s tracks, like smash hit, Starchild and the sultry Blu allow Elujay his bread and butter as one of the most down-to-earth, laid-back R&B voices in music today; while others, like Champagne Galore & Leisure take themselves less seriously and acted as summer anthems for many a late night around the fire pit. 


If his voice is what comes first to his fan base, his guitar undoubtedly comes a close second, breaking him out of any established stylistic lane, and placing his voice and guitar-led ballads at the crossroads of a number of modern, open audiences. 


And to those many ears, Tallulah speaks. True to the A-Side / B-Side form, the two tracks included give a wide-ranging glimpse into differing yet complimentary sides to Elujay’s sound. Black Tee is a softer, more emotive, vocally dominant ballad putting into perspective just how high is register is capable of reaching. Tings Come N Go is a more pop-adjacent, bubbly, anthemic track still firm as a Neo-Soul cut, but flexible to a wider reaching fanbase.