Australian Songwriter, Emerson Leif Releases Pop-Soul Ballad, Next2 

 Evan Dale // Jan 28, 2020 

Emerson Leif is an Australian songwriter whose vocals transcend soul and pop, finding themselves solidly balanced above always emotive production, emerging in their own well-established corner of music. Undoubtedly, that’s why everything he puts out – even though to this point that only amounts to a handful of tracks and collaborative joints with his friend, Golden Vessel – find such a wide-ranging audience. He’s one-of-a-kind and his authentic sound is simply proving itself necessary on today’s music spectrum.


Next2 is a romanticaly-endowed pop ballad fitted to the ears of anyone listening who enjoys neo-soul, R&B, and vocally driven electronica. More than anything, it’s a smooth, warm weather love song that at times feels reminiscent to the R&B register of JMSN and at others floats closer towards the Billy Lemos, Dijon, and Still Woozy mellow pop arena. 


Step out into the sun, grab a bottle of rose, and enjoy whoever it is that you’re Next2 with Emerson Leif’s newest single.