Eyrn Allen Kane Takes Poetic Route with a tree planted by water

 Evan Dale // June 22, 2019 

Eryn Allen Kane - a tree planted by wate

Certain projects are so courageously their own that little ever need be said on their stylistic direction, their auditory aesthetic, their sonic texture that has been said about anything else in art. Enter Eryn Allen Kane whose tree planted by water takes its listener on a journey of vibrant self-expressionism unattempting to be anything in particular. What results is simply a damn good project.


Its charm comes from two sources: the sonic sunshine emanating from Kane’s voice and the instrumentation of an organic band that finds its groove regardless of a particular track’s direction. And through seven tracks – three of them being key thematic exploits in the form of spoken word deliveries à la Aja Monet – a tree planted by water explores a plethora of directions, none of them cardinal.


Instead, it’s a fluid, layered composition bubbling over with disheveled nuances and thought-provoking motifs sometimes ambiguous, sometimes specific, but mostly something more relatably grey area and interpretive. If consistency does indeed fill the project, it does so through Monet’s intensity, Kane’s low, breathtaking register, and guitar chords breathing of warm weather and positivity (see: the riffs on Feel The Need & With You).


The rest is experimentally bold, warmly wholesome, and oh so original and pure.