Sydney Electro-Soulstress, Esmé Shines | come with me 

 Evan Dale // Dec 28, 2019 

Esmé - Come With Me.jpg

Sometimes, if not oftentimes, the best works of art require revisits and multiple iterations. Such seems to be the case with Sydney electro-soulsress, Esmé and her new(ish) single, come with me. The track first saw release two years ago, but through a re-working with German producer, Amillian, and an accompanying self-produced video, it’s found a brighter, more complex, further refined identity. 


The subtlety of Amillian’s keystrokes and instrumental play leaves space for Esmé’s jazzy vocalism to shine on the pedestal it deserves. Bold and undeniably unique, those vocals form an enveloping net of emotionality that immerses the listener in the space of the track and nowhere else at all. And with the addition of the track’s understated, trippy visuals, come with me takes a vibe even more immersive, emotional, and enveloping, leaving it a complete work of underrated artistry from an artist whose own identity exists under the same adjectives.