Experimental Exmag Release Short & Sultry Maschine Life

 Evan Dale // July 16, 2019 

Exmag - Maschine Life.png

Experimental, funk and 80’s-nuanced group, Exmag never fail to deliver something undeniably danceable and brightly colorful, and their latest A-Side / B-Side is cut from expectedly vivid cloth. Maschine Life, which is composed of two short tracks, Don’t Play and Love Song, is a grand total of three-and-a-half minutes we never could have known we needed until we heard it. Don’t Play feels like the lustful, cinematic composition to the end credits of a deeply romantic late-70’s porno. Strewn with some intertwining hypnotic vocal samples and harp chords, it melts on the auditory pallet. Love Song lives up to its name, riding a series of romantic synth builds and pitched vocal samples that leave it the perfect lead-up or follow-up to whatever activities are inspired by Don’t Play.


Maschine Life may be just a short taste from Exmag, but if it’s any sign of what’s to come, we’re in for one funky, duly sensual project in the near future.