Femdot & Smino Keep it Simple with Visuals for Rap City

 Evan Dale // Nov 6, 2019 

Femdot - Rap City Video.jpg

From Femdot’s 94 Camry Music, Smino collaboration, Rap City has quickly become one of the year’s most anthemic, high-energy hip-hop tracks. Rising from the foundation of both artists’ impossibly catchy hooks, Femdot and Smino bring nothing but fervor and one-of-a-kind cadence to a beat that asks for exactly that. 


Placing the music front and center, the visuals are simple, seeing the two artists rapping around an apartment and a series of sets on both film and digital. And in that simplicity – in that raw, homemade kind of feel – the visuals capitalize on the kind of uniqueness and individuality that both Smino and Femdot are constantly bringing to the Chicago scene and beyond.