Rocky & Ferg Trade Lines for East Coast Throwback, Pups

 Evan Dale // May 9, 2019 

Ferg - Pups.jpg

Rocky and Ferg have always had the kind of artistic relationship that is simply rare. Building a creative empire from the ground up, the Harlem duo have changed the world of hip-hop music, fashion, video, and culture at large by unapologetically pursuing experimentation and growth hand in hand with each other and a larger circle of their closest and most talented friends. To this day and through it all, music remains both of their most sought-after talents, and when they get together to make it, it’s always exciting and raw.


Pups is a collaborative effort reminiscent of their New York hip-hop forefathers – Wu-Tang, Tribe, Eric B & Rocky’s namesake, Rakim – where collectives seamlessly trade lines with one another resulting in an aesthetic that makes it feel less like a polished track and more like a freestyle session on the sidewalk. Pups also feels reminiscent of an older A$AP texture where high-energy and East Coast roots led to many of the last decades biggest hip-hop anthems.  


With these two, there’s always more to come, and with the release of Pups, keep an eye out for more throwback, old-school tracks in the near future.