FKJ’s Yling Ylang EP is further Proof of his Never-Ending Genius 

 Evan Dale // Nov 13, 2019 

FKJ - Yling Ylang.jpg

There are few words that in and of themselves have the ability to describe FKJ and the reach of the multi-instrumentalist’s creative scope. A master of many lanes, FKJ is one of the more talented people alive, and arguably, the most important atop a short list of modern composers. His deliveries pull into the fold unavoidable inspiration from jazz and classical that such an inventive multi-instrumentalist and producer is sure to be inspired by. His music merges the worlds of jazz, funk, and electronica with those of R&B, hip-hop, and neo-soul for an outcome that is sometimes lyrically backed, sometimes vocally explosive, but always instrumentally blissful and creatively arranged in production. 


His latest release is the Yling Ylang EP and expectedly, it’s another inventive piece of all-encompassing composition sure to reach the ears of many stylistic audiences that would be hard-pressed to find middle ground elsewhere. 


Inundated with dance worthy bass, soft, playful keystrokes, vocal samples far and wide, vocalism and penmanship from FKJ himself, and even a featuring verse from Dreamville Second-in-Command, Bas, Yling Ylang is thought-out, wide-ranging, and deeply evocative no matter the taste of its listeners. And for that, it’s only the latest in a long string of genius from French Kiwi Juice that continues to push the envelope of what artists and music are capable of.