Flwr Chyld, Elujay & MIA GLADSTONE Collaborate for Bubbly Soul Jam, 'AuraBlu' 

 Evan Dale // April 16, 2020 

From the dreamscape of Atlanta’s underbelly, mellow R&B producer Flwr Chyld brings together AuraBlu: a collaborative anthem folding in the always silky, emotive vocals of Elujay with the stirring, jazzy juxtaposition of MIA GLADSTONE. As a trio, the three thrive as an auditory image of springtime crushes and warm weekend get-togethers. 


Elujay kicks it off with a verse that could have easily slid into the middle of his 2019 project, Adojio. Spurred by an understated delivery that always walks a line between the perfectionist explosions of soul timelessness and modern effortlessness of something more mellow, Elujay has never had an issue melting into a given track’s most intimate moments. MIA GLADSTONE follows with a cutting, jazz-oriented verse delineating all the tantalizing things about summer bike rides to the beach.


But the real hero of the track is the bubbly beat that at times is strewn with psychedelic guitar chords, and at other at others thrives as a bass and chime driven cool particular to Flwr Chyld’s signature floaty effervescence.