Frank Ocean Releases Two-Track Cut of Previously Vinyl-Only Acoustics 

 Evan Dale // April 2, 2020 

He’s one of those artists from whom we can never expect anything, but when Frank Ocean does choose to bless the world with his intangible sensitivity and unendingly creative musicality, what we can expect is an abundance of passion and music that transcends any listener’s particular tastes into a sphere of humble relatability and pure aching. With a two-track cut Dear April / Cayendo, Frank Ocean explores the most subtle, thoughtful corners of his acoustic expression.


The tracks are tethered to one another through pain that feels most comfortable overtop a downtrodden guitar and only well-placed highlights of signature production flexes. But they’re also separated from Frank’s overarching canon to come before by their intensive subtlety and acoustically dominant directionality. It’s not that it’s anything necessarily new from Frank who has long explored his instrumental side, but with both singles labeled A-Side, there is also a chance that non-acoustic explorations come to fruition that attach themselves to and offset Dear April & Cayendo. Be on the lookout for more from Frank who usually utilizes theatrics on the verge of further releases. And if nothing comes soon – an equally likely possibility from one of the most illusive figures in music – just be happy (or blissfully sad) that he blessed us with not one, but two immersive, gorgeous singles.