Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh Kill their new Collaboration, Murda

 Evan Dale // Sep 29, 2019 

Fresh Veggies - Murda.jpg

The world has been waiting for the follow-up to Fresh Veggies since it first dropped in 2013. The collaborative project that brought together Casey Veggies, Rockie Fresh, and their respective takes on the LA-Chicago hip-hop spectrum, is one of the more celebrated duo projects of the modern rap scene, and one that helped launch both beyond their local scenes. And now, six years later, it seems like the two are finally getting close.


Murda is their second collaborative single in recent weeks, giving hope to the longtime fans and the new. It’s a darker single that leaves nothing but space for both very differing yet very complimentary wordsmiths to do what they do best along a high-fidelity, dark-energy vibe. And both – no pun intended – kill it. Six years later, hip-hop has changed a lot. And along with that growth, Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh have evolved and refined beyond their earlier selves. If anything, Fresh Veggies ll – which seems imminent at this point – will be a proper exhibition of growth and modernity for two artists that to this day still deserve more recognition for their influence on music.