Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh are Still Going with new Single

 Evan Dale // Oct 4, 2019 

Fresh Veggies - Still Goin.jpg

Fresh Veggies shook the hip-hop world in 2013, introducing the collaborative effort between two of the games most underrated up-and-comers, Casey Veggies and Rockie Fresh. The dynamic project which pulled into one frame the lyrical myriad of Southern California and Chicago and also stood strong as one of the more electronically-nuanced hip-hop productions of its time, was followed up by promises for a second project release for a half-decade in its wake. And finally, more than halfway through 2019, we’re getting the beginning tastes of a long-awaited Fresh Veggies ll


First Finer Things, then Murda, and now Still Goin not only all but confirm that the project is imminently inbound, but also display both Casey Veggie’s and Rockie Fresh’s growth in the years since. Where Murda was expectedly dark and brutalist in its hip-hop texture, Still Goin is much more light-hearted and anthemic, bringing good vibes and humorous punchlines with it. And with just three tracks to paint a picture of what Fresh Veggies ll could be, it seems obvious that it will be wide-ranging, immersive, and influential – all ways that we would describe the original project.