Future & Drake Reignite Collaborative Relationship with Anthemic Life is Good 

 Evan Dale // Jan 11, 2020 

Future - Life is Good.jpg

Future & Drake. No artists have had a more concrete and all-encompassing impact on the state of popular hip-hop over the past decade. Fold in the seamlessness of their collaborative relationship, and no duo over the same span has been more influential. 


Naturally, the release of another joint single to their collection is big news. 


And naturally, Life is Good is, well… good. 


In fact, it’s more than good. It slaps; it bangs; it hits. It brings to mind any fuccboi cliché worth its salt, conjuring memories of What A Time To Be Alive, but with a more refined, thought-out edge highlighting both artists as the tried and true veterans they are.


With the inclusion of a music video that sees both global superstars role playing the menial jobs their fan bases largely do in reality, it’s also inspirational and, like each and every track they’ve ever made together, anthemic. 


Rumer is that more is on the way soon. So, keep an ear out for further singles and maybe even a follow-up project to their 2015 classic.