Future Recruits DaBaby & Lil Baby for Another Turnt Up Take to Life is Good 

 Evan Dale // Feb 16, 2020 

On the heels of the explosivity of their collaborative anthem, Life is Good, Future and Drake have recruited more high-energy big names for its remix. Like its original, the track is split between structural changes that grant each featuring artist a different beat to work over. For Future’s part, his verse opens over the same beat that Drake’s original did, leaving it a less turnt-up delivery in favor of more emotion, rounding out the kind of range and juxtaposition that his career at large has. 


As for the second half of the track, where Future’s original played the part of the high-energy party anthem, fellow hyphy kings, DaBaby and Lil Baby have no trouble picking up the slack. DaBaby after all is probably the most hyped hip-hop artist in the game, so his verse – expectedly fast-paced and hard-nosed – slaps. As does Lil Baby’s. 


If there’s anything the remix is missing, it’s a new Drake verse, but asking for that would just be greedy.