There’s a feeling of nostalgia that accompanies a modern-day artist who can drop a seemingly never-ending series of creative, fierce metaphors, similes, adlibs, and addicting, repetitive choruses. The latter half of first decade of the new millennium fostered a hip-hop environment where artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye West, and T.I. ran the game with an extensive armament of bars packed with unexpected punchlines. But, as monumental and influential as the lords of the past era are, their sounds are rarely executed today lyrically or in delivery.


So, when we come across an artist who so appropriately puts to use the tools of the not so old school, a generation of hip-hop fans takes notice of and embraces the similarities. Gannon Nwar and his newly released Public excite and entice with thought-provoking wordplay, meditative flow, and an all-around vibe reminiscent of a young Pusha T.


If you a find yourself a fan of hip-hop, an endorser of its past, and in need of new music, Public and a dive into Gannon Nwar’s other available EP’s will quench your needs. Look out for the future of this young emcee.