I'm going to be perfectly honest and say that I didn't think anyone was actually from Joshua Tree. I've been there. It's cool, but didn't exactly seem to be home to a bustling underground soul and funk revival scene à la 1979. Apparently, I was off-base in my assumptions because Gene Evaro Jr., who from his sound to his Spotify profile photograph feels like some sort of opposite-day Bruce Springsteen, hails from the Tree, and brings with him a natural and refreshing approach to styles old and new. 


A multitalented musician whose vocals also take on different identities of their own, Gene Evaro Jr. exhibits his stylistic indefinability with new single, Like It's 1965. The track, which comes as the lead single to an album under the same name due out April 6, is an energetic anthem displaying Evaro's insane vocal range and his band's instrumental prowess. It's equal parts funk revival, neo-soul, and classic rock that meets in the middle to find a modern sense of balance and composure sure to bring fans of a multitude of stylings to his doorstep just in time for the new project.