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Australian electropop lord, Golden Vessel, is the kind of talent that could have existed and thrived in any era of modern music. His low tempo tendencies, meaningful songwriting, and quietly uplifting vibe come together to culminate in a unique, timeless sound that could be appreciated by any fan of music across the spectrums of genre and time.


The same can be said about his close friend and collaborator, Emerson Leif, whose contributions on their latest release, Hesitate, provide the track a feeling of something special. It’s smooth, solemn, and bubbling with honesty and pain while simultaneously being powerful, courageous, and spiritual.


The two have a chemistry rarely seen in the music industry that allows them to create music where instead of seeming like two contradicting forces struggling for power or failing to blend, mesh seamlessly into a sound that multiplies their talent to the next level.


Hesitate comes as Emerson Leif’s first true career single, and with Golden Vessel seeing an uptick in recent releases, we can only hope to hear more of them together in the near future.

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