Towards Diaspora GoldLink Gets Tropical with Joke Ting

 Evan Dale // June 5, 2019 

GoldLink - Joke Ting.png

There is a very distinct possibility that GoldLink is about to fuck up the hip-hop game. Towards his upcoming album, Diaspora and still very much riding the wave of his 2017 breakout, At What Cost that included global hit, Crew, the Virginia rapper has exhibited himself a lyrical force to be reckoned with, without sacrificing any of his signature brash experimentalism. In fact, if anything his constant exploration of hip-hop’s grey areas and production risks have, over the years, adjusted the hip-hop lane in favor of his unendingly unique delivery. A barrage of singles: Got FriendsGot MuscleZulu Screams, and now Joke Ting have in At What Cost’s shadow, each shone GoldLink in a different light underneath the absurd range he is apparently so comfortable exploring. 


If anything defines GoldLink’s contribution to the tropical vibes of Joke Ting, granted extra effervescence from the Weeknd-esque chorus from Ari PenSmith, it’s his effortlessness. A particularly long set of meditative bars display GoldLink’s undeniable, and as of right now, unrivaled rap talent, once again setting the stage for him to take over hip-hop as an upper echelon force if Diaspora lives up to the absurdity and excitement surrounding the project’s leading singles.