GoldLink Recruits Tyer, The Creator & Jay Prince for Single, U Say

 Evan Dale // June 8, 2019 

GoldLink - U Say.png

With diasporic expectations knocking at the door. GoldLink, in one final effort to ready the most experimental corners of our auditory intrigues before delivering his long-awaiting summer album teams up with Jay Prince and Tyler, The Creator for an expectedly bold cut, U Say. Hovering overtop mellow, jazzy production fit tightly with the electronic nuances we’ve come to expect from GoldLink’s beats, GoldLink and Tyler – both vastly differing lyricists – drive ferocity and poeticism into their respective verses. Complimentary in their non-conformity, the two are supplemented even further from an undertone, meditative chorus by way of South London’s transcendent Jay Prince. 


If there exist any wishes to in some way improve U Say, it would be to offer Jay Prince the space to deliver his own verse, being another fervent poet primed for unique beats and vibrant collaborations. But nonetheless, the single is bright, bold, and lyrically absurd, only exciting the world more for the inbound release of Diaspora