When listening to any of his wide-ranging music, regardless of the path it takes – be it powerful soul vocals, fast-paced bars, or smooth, melodic flow – the constant in all of Gracy Hopkins’ creative efforts can be tied together with a profound tether of deep thought. So, it’s not surprising that an artist with such wholesome tendencies puts forth so much effort into exploring the troublesome yet enticing world of phobias. Hopkins’ most recent single, Stasiphobia: The Sunset, is also his latest release of many given the namesake of a fear.


The track’s addictive, melodious wave is built from the components by way of three talented artists – all of them French: the unmistakable, low-key vocals and lyricism from Hopkins himself, and a combined effort in the clean, practiced production of French electronic scene veterans, Lossapardo and Crayon, whose recent EP, Post Blue, has been one of the most powerful releases of the year so far.


Their sounds and styles blend together beautifully, culminating in an addicting track that exhibits a unique take on a style derived of hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and soul that is better described as purely the beginnings of the next French music revolution.