Good things have to come in small packages before they can be assembled into something much larger. The cool vibes, smooth flow, and buttery production on up-and-coming artists, Grady & J’Von’s new track, Purple Beanie, is just the kind of building block that will one day soon help them each to garner the larger reach and further respect they deserve.


We’ll admit openly that we were unaware of either artist until we stumbled upon this release, but it’s fair to say that we should have been. A further exploration of Grady’s SoundCloud canon reveals a consistent stream of down-to-earth, mellow production, while a listen to J’Von’s blossoms of lyrical prowess and an uncanny knack to weave vocals into his delivery that feels simultaneously relatable and unparalleled.


Purple Beanie is a track swimming in pool of coolness and calm with poetic motion effortlessly floating and bobbing atop, keeping us happily poolside all day, and looking forward to more in the near future.