Grandace Makes Music for the Movement, Summons Strength with ‘Bus Back’ 

 Evan Dale // June 8, 2020 

‘I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out how to deal with the insanity of police brutality, systematic racism, performative activism, etc. and it’s led me back to music. Music is my journal and my heart is tired of the one-sided abuse. At his point I want to see action in the form of legislation, policy, and defunding corrupt systems, ‘cause there’s no reason this fight should even have to be fought. Since it is being fought, I’ll be doing everything in my power to obtain justice and I’m settling for nothing less. Retaliation is so much more than just the physical.’


Retaliation is creative. Retaliation can be art. Retaliation proves to be as beautiful as the cultural form it takes. And in this form – this music – from Cincinnati transcendentalist, Grandace uses the pedestal of beautiful, creative art to speak his mind on the matter at hand; to take a necessary swing at a system on the hopeful verge of swift knockout.


Bus Back is more up-tempo and high-fidelity than the floaty gray areas between hip-hop, soul, and funk we’re used to hearing him straddle. But it should be said, it’s a step well-taken. The firm footing of Grandace’s established lyrical prowess ensures that Bus Back is a rap heavy track born from the fires of overturned cop cars and precincts set ablaze. It’s melodic, addicting hook and bouncy beat provide it that extra sheen that turns a track anthemic.


Thematically, it was always meant to be an anthem. An anthem of the times; an anthem for the fight; a soundtrack for retaliation from an artist for the people willing to fight for what’s right.


Always be on the lookout for more music from Grandace whose 2019 Also Codachrome is one of the more unique independent collections in memory. And be on the lookout for more from all artists inspired, angry, and motivated to use their creativity as a proven tool for furthering social progression.