London’s Greentea Peng Offers Relatable, Timely Ghost Town 

 Evan Dale // Mar 10, 2020 

London’s poetic hypnotist, Greentea Peng has been enchanting listeners with her one-of-a-kind, easy listening vocals and complex, emotion-evoking penmanship through her plethora of releases since 2018. Akin to grandest hits to date – Downers & Mr. Sun – her newest single, Ghost Town is both hauntingly dark yet upliftingly powerful, and couldn’t have come at a timelier moment in human history. We’re all living in ghost towns right now, and thankfully, artists – Greentea Peng included – have responded to the isolation by exploring music: the thing that gets them and subsequently their fans through anything and everything. 


So, thank you Greentea Peng for the powerful single, and putting into perspective the resilience of art, music, and humanity at a time like this.