Cincinnati's Grandace Continues to Defy Genre with Fun-Loving 'Channel Chasers' 

 Evan Dale // Aug 13, 2020 

When Cincinnati’s wide-ranging Grandace drops a single, you never know what it’s going to bring. The transcendent artist spans stylistic preferences with everything he does. From a jazzy knack for hip-hop to its fusion with soul, all the while bending his rock and alternative influence into the mix, his artistry is simply different than anyone else’s. Unsurprisingly, his new single, Channel Chasers also passes the individuality test. Most standout for Grandace’s meditative, consistent flow, and the entire track’s fun-loving undertones, Channel Chasers’ texture reminds listeners of the youthful Fairly Oddparents space from where half its inspiration is pulled, while, too, lyrically diving into the want for more in a relationship fallen flat.


It’s that ability to tell two stories at once – evoke multiple emotions from myriad spaces in listeners’ lives – that continues to paint Grandace as one of the more experimentally willing independents prolifically putting out music, all the while tethering it with a special something of his signature.