H.E.R. Teams Up with YG for Silky Sexualized Anthem, Slide

 Evan Dale // Sep 28, 2019 

H.E.R. - Slide.jpg

Even with the release of last month’s I Used to Know Her, H.E.R. is already back with a new single. Slide is a sensual collaborative track with YG that folds her recently established knack for a more hip-hop centric texture into the kind of romantic, sexualized effort rarely seen by this generation of hip-hop and R&B crossover acts. Equally intriguing about the track is that it isn’t only a star power collaboration in the wake of so much recent work from both artists, but that it also takes two established stars and puts them in an experimental lane of coalescence for each. YG is seamless in his hip-hop verse to a romantically-driven R&B track while H.E.R. is further dominant in her display as an R&B artist with no issue weaving in and out of a hip-hop lane.


The result is unexpected, silky, and proof that both H.E.R. and YG are always artistically expanding.