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Many artists today seem to have no trouble eclipsing the boundaries of their creative processes, but Bert Moreshead takes transcendence to new heights. The multi-dimensional musician who humbly denotes himself across social media and streaming platforms as singer/songwriter is more accurately described the guitarist for modern alternative group, Nothing,Nowhere, and the sole creative mind behind his experimental production moniker, The Gnarly Neighbors. If that weren’t somehow enough to keep him busy and hold his creative passions at bay, he just released the debut project of a new indie pursuit, Home Away. 


Truly bending the term indie to its furthest push, Moreshead again finds himself composing a seemingly collaborative construct as an independent in every sense of the word. Yet, if there’s one thing to speak on through the duration of Home Away’s debut project, Somewhere in Between, it’s that nothing – nothing – is lost in its soloist exploits. 


The project is genuine enlightenment and musical enjoyment in soft indie and mellow pop’s grandiose stages of honesty and everyday listenability. Perpetually present are the floaty, welcoming chords of Moreshead’s guitar and the production talent that has long masked his independence as the work of a grander collective. Through it all shines a dreamlike sense of calm driven home by Moreshead’s gentle vocal delivery and the quiet strength of his powerful lyricism. Somewhere In Between is a debut album that sounds of the highest professional mastery true to Moreshead’s intangible experience across music’s breadth.


No matter its source, it’s fair to say that we’re excited for whatever it is that Moreshead creates next.

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