Some days, we’re lucky enough to cross paths with an unsuspecting new track by an unfamiliar artist and everything about it just makes us feel good. Today is one of those days.


While lurking through the Souncloud universe, stumbling through a series of failed rabbit holes, backpedaling, and diving in again, one track in particular caught my attention. The bouncy, relaxed jam is titled Blank Check and comes to us by way of Los Angeles hip-hop artist, Hugh Augustine with a feature from Ray Wright. Though unaware of these artists until a moment ago, I have to say, I’m a fan.


There’s something so listenable about Blank Check and it seems like the type of track that would be fitting of a house party, a date night, and everything in between. Part of it is thanks to its Augustine’s laid-back West Coast flow with credit also due to the addictive production.


If you’re a fan of the California hip-hop auditory aesthetic, you’ve got to check it out and be on the lookout for Augustine’s forthcoming album, Dubious, set to release in March.