HXRY Continues to Push Boundaries and Refine his Sound with 'safe2say' 

 Evan Dale // Sep 8, 2020 

HXRY’s early 2020 debut project, PIECE OF MIND shone the up-and-coming R&B talent in the kind of light that makes his listeners wonder how it is that he was able to explosively emerge with such a unique, now necessary sound without much of a prior canon. The answer is simple: he’s just that good, building his own artistic range through years of behind the scenes writing and production. Now that he’s fronting his own music, it boasts the steady aesthetic of a veteran because in so many ways, that’s exactly who he is as an experienced artist. And yet, with each and every subsequent single in the wake of PIECE OF MIND’s flow, it’s also obvious that though the Chicago crooner is blessed with a sound and skillset unparalleled by just about anyone, he’s continuing to refine the space he’s taking it towards.


His newest is safe2say. And safe to say, it’s another futurist R&B hit. The emotionally fluent ballad rides an expectedly electro-funk set of foundational rails that seem to always provoke the very best, very layered from HXRY. And in that space, his creativity meanders wildly and takes risks freely, seeming to find an even newer stroke of confidence in his vocalism, charming anyone listening into almost believing that he’s – as he says in the track – truly done with love. But for someone so gifted in belaying love’s emotional aesthetic, we can only hope that’s not the case.