Immensely Underrated Innanet James is Back & he Likes his Hunnids New

 Evan Dale // Sep 20, 2019 

Innanet James - Hunnids.jpg

With the release of Keep It Clean – an undeniable addition to our list of 2018’s Best Projects, Innanet James continued his rollout of groovy, vocally-driven hip-hop. In fact, his unique delivery is so fluid and funky that he falls in line with a short list of other modern hip-hop artists whose effortless textures underplay just how lyrically-endowed they are. Think Smino, Jay Prince, GoldLink, and Dave B who flow in and out of beats – in and out of vocals – without ever missteping. One only need to listen a little closer to hear the raw writing ability in Innannet James’ deep talent pool. 


Hunnids is his first single delivery of the year but makes up for a well-deserved escape from the limelight the second the low-key chords hit. And moments later when he embarks down an unapologetic path of cadence-shifting, addicting poeticism, we’re reminded of exactly why Keep It Clean made such an impression on us just a year ago. Innanet James doesn’t sound like anyone else. Comparable only to those mentioned before that share incomparablealone as a conjoining adjective, Innanet James is post-genre coalescence of hip-hop and vocals in a way that pays homage to the flavor of his Maryland accent and the meeting of his influential stylistic approaches. 


Hunnids is short, but sweet, groovy, and on repeat as a late summer anthem and enticing as what we hope to be a reintroduction to one of hip-hop’s most underrated names on the rise.