TDE's Elusive Isaiah Rashad Drops First Single in 4 Years, 'Why Worry'  

 Evan Dale // April 22, 2020 

The wait isn’t over, but it’s a start of sorts. Isaiah Rashad’s new single, Why Worry, isn’t a part of whatever it is he’s got coming next. Nonetheless, it’s a taste of where he’s been and what he’s been doing for the better part of a half-decade without so much as the drop of a single. And to no one’s surprise, in accordance to all the hype surrounding the elusive rapper, he hasn’t lost a step. He’s still a dynamic force of hip-hop lyricism largely unparalleled by anyone outside of his label: TDE. 


The Chattanooga hip-hop artist has always carried heavy elements of his roots in his music. His vocal delivery alone, which weaves in and out of cadence shifting raps, is inescapably Tennessee. And his affinity for old-school samples adds another element of timelessness to his overarching canon, and to Why Worry.


Though we have no idea when or if anything else will ever come from Isaiah Rashad in the near future, that mystery is the nature of a complex artist. So, Why Worry about what’s next and just embrace the present.