Jacob Collier & Daniel Caesar Team Up for Inventive, Jazzy Single 

 Evan Dale // Nov 30, 2019 

Jacob Collier - Time ALone with You.jpg

Towards his new album, Djesse Volume 3, Jacob Collier has linked up with friend, collaborator, and R&B overlord, Daniel Caesar for a new leading single, Time Alone With You. The unassuming Collier has had an explosive couple of years built on the foundations of Djesse Volume 1 and 2, building an international fanbase and critical acclaim in the process. And if anything of the most priceless value has come out of it all, his friendship with Caesar has to be taken into consideration. With a guest spot next to Sean Leon on Restore the Feeling, taken from Daniel Caesar’s 2019 album, CASE STUDY 01, Collier emerged a force able to stand up to the extreme artistic impression of his collaborators. And now, with Time Alone With You, he reverses the direction, inviting Caesar into a track signature to Collier’s jazz-founded experimentation.


Expectedly, both artists – both of which shine in pushing the boundaries of music – float effortlessly across an understated electro-jazz beat, folding into the equation their obscenely rangy vocals and their gift for evoking emotion. Time Alone With You is the kind of primer that makes anyone who’s already a fan of Collier and Caesar excited for what’s next, and anyone who’s not, a new fan.