“I need you naked at the drop of a dime, shawty, don’t waste my time,” said every last one of us in our wildest wet dreams. 


But when we wake up in the morning, none of us – none of us – are Jacquees.


But pass the imported body butter, the cashmere blanket, and a bottle of moscato on ice because he’s back again with the god damned smoothness. 


This Time I’m Serious has no trouble living up to its name. It’s a serious production making waves in the R&B circuit that reignites the Jacquees fire consistently stoking for years now. With the 2016 release of Lost at Sea, the young Georgia artist with an old soul that thrives on the sounds of the Jacksons and the Temptations, erupted as one of the most promising names in a genre undergoing its modern renaissance.


Now that R&B is heading in a series of new directions no one could have predicted and thriving more than anyone could have expected, Jacquees reminds us all that he is still one of the most underappreciated artists in the scene.


This Time I’m Serious is more than just a hyper-sexualized series of bang-ballads. Though certainly not short of the type, it’s also a fine exhibition of his uniquely silky vocal approach and often-times meaningful and deep songwriting ability that finds its way into a position between the Jamie Foxx era of baby-makers and a current scene with a wider stylistic and thematic focus.