The original cut of London songstress, Jareth’s springtime single, Bit by Bit is a somber, ethereal exploration of emotional overcoming and self-strength. Jareth’s powerful vocals – the focal point of her artistic direction – are able to successfully convey the downtrodden and rising sort of emotional tillage through the track’s duration.


But with the steady hands of production duo, Saltwives, Bit by Bit’s remix has undertaken a grand reawakening and emerged a coequally capable emotional journey directed by a very different set of underlying sentiments. There is nothing lost on the part of Jareth whose vocals remain at the heart of the remix’s identity, and everything gained by Saltwives’ bold re-envisioning framed with explosive synth strokes and warm energies.


The Saltwives take on Bit by Bit comes as the second remix on a second solo single for a 2018 that has thus far, been a reemergence of sorts for Jareth who prior to this year, hadn’t released an independent track since her explosive 2014 hit, The Feeling. 


This is all leading up to her debut EP, Moonchld, slated to be delivered later this year.