Jarreau Vandal Enlists Gaidaa & Kojey Radical for Boundless 'Nothing Nice' 

 Evan Dale // May 4, 2020 

Today in the spectrum of borderless, boundless musical exploration comes global collaboration, Nothing Nice. With Dutch producer Jarreau Vandal at the helm, Sudanese-Dutch soulstress, Gaidaa with the vocals, and transcendent creative force of British-Ghanaian flavor, Kojey Radical in the mix, the single’s title is opposite of what it really is. Nothing Nice is nice. But it’s also a deeply layered, boldly experimental single from three sources that defy what constraints genre and geography have long had on musical artists.


Kojey starts it off with the stretched grin kind of delivery he brings in tow when addressing the higher end of his range. It’s the kind of emotional delivery that projects his own poignancy on listeners if only to elicit the same healing process he’s found through music, dance, and art. By the time Gaidaa comes in for the first bridge, a scope of emotionality so raw has been established, that as it gets carried through Nothing Nice’s course, even through a constant adjustment of each vocalist’s delivery, it’s never lost.


Overtop a calm and cool Jarreau Vandal signature, Kojey and Gaidaa continue trading verses and hooks of different shapes and sizes until two-and-a-half minutes of blissful, stylistically diverse silk (or perhaps cashmere) have passed into memory and played again on repeat.