Jay2 Teams Up with Monte Booker for Debut Project, 4 Tha Wait

 Evan Dale // July 24, 2019 

Jay2 - For Tha Wait.png

It’s been a calendar year marked by the explosive growth of Saba, Smino, and Ravyn Lenae’s Zero Fatigue Crew. Saba and Smino have been enjoying massive tours while hosting substantial influence over two acclaimed hip-hop syndicate projects, Pivot Gang’s You Can’t Sit With Us & Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers lll. Ravyn Lenae has also been touring, her 2018 EP, Crush continues garnering international attention, and her features are everywhere. Bari’s debut album MSTRGLSS has introduced him as a significant solo artist, moving away from his longstanding role as a Smino understudy and favorite feature. And now, Jay2 and Monte Booker – who has also emerged from the floorboards of late – have teamed up for Jay2’s new EP, 4 Tha Wait.


The project is vibrant, high-energy, and experimental in all the ways that a Zero Fatigue project is expected to be, and Smino and Bari’s cadence and flow are prevalent throughout. But, 4 Tha Wait successfully cuts Jay2 from his own cloth. An admirable lyricist with an effortless delivery, a debut project largely free of features from his powerful friends (only one from Smino) proves he’s ready to take his own steps into the limelight. And 4 The Wait is a thesis on confidence and individuality necessary for that transition.


It’s a great hip-hop project and an interesting introduction to what is sure to be a successful artist at the core of one of music’s most explosive, creative collectives.