An A-side / B-side release from Jay Prince? We're in. A Kojey Radical feature? You can just leave it on repeat. 


Certainly an intriguing collaboration from distance. Each artist holds a mirror of the other from across London. Underrepresented lyrical lords with long-lasting cult audiences and budding global influence that expands far past whatever weak attempt at definition you may try to throw their direction.


The A-side track on which they collaborate, Love Is, may as Prince puts it, sound like a love song, but nothing that he and Radical have ever put out can be so simply labeled. The complex track boasting of lively, layered summertime vibes and an expectedly firm delivery of lyrical ease that would tie the tongues of any artists otherwise in knots, reads of explorative themes deep and introspective from both artists while connecting over an anthemic hook that screams of warm-weather memories. 


The B-side, which is of Prince's own doing, is less likely to be the song of Summer days, and instead will come to soundtrack its nights. The clubby GLAM is a dance-worthy track that feels like bad decisions of the Kid Cudi kind. No matter your vice, GLAM could come to be its nightly insinuation.


Always be on the lookout for Jay Prince who, hopefully with this release, could come to be a more consistent and welcomed presence. Likewise, keep your eyes peeled for Kojey Radical who has managed to be absolutely everywhere in the presence of some of the most promising young artists across music and across the globe.