Just a couple months following the release of a successfully dualistic two-track collection, and just few days after the release of another particularly vibrant and powerful A-side / B-side, East London wordsmith and vocalist of addictive vibes, Jay Prince, has bestowed upon us what very well may be the most telling and downright beautiful project to date in his honest, approachable, and exceedingly unparalleled career. 


CHERISH, an EP blessed with an album’s length and an epic’s sense of storytelling ability makes good use of the four songs released in its lead up. But in no way, shape, or form do the additions of the subsequent five cheapen or water down the strength of the final product. From start to finish, from track one through track nine, it is simply great. CHERISH is an achievement the likes of which seem to be becoming increasingly more common in London, and increasingly less so everywhere else in the world. 


With artists like Jay Prince, Kojey Radical and Mahalia – the latter two of which both make appearances in the EP – it’s no wonder that London, with such strong guiding hands, continues its march down a road artistically supreme, and no doubt that it will continue for the foreseeable future with a continuation of projects like CHERISH