Jay Prince Blesses the World with Much Needed 'Prayers & Soulutions' 

 Evan Dale // June 17, 2020 

A composition wrought of the pure emotion bubbling over the world’s socio-political spotlight, UK rapper, and vocalist, Jay Prince delivers the short, but very much needed, prayers & soulutions. The three-track cut is as variable in its musical breadth as it is steadfast in its message. En medias res, the EP begins, fittingly, with interlude – indicative of the all too painful truth that even though the music is new, the place from where it’s sourced isn’t. To the tune of a society that has changed too slowly or refused to change at all, the opener is a somber track, and the EP, as uplifting as it is sometimes expressed (especially during prayers), follows suit.


Poetically, interlude is largely a spoken-word rooted bout of utter lyricism, and that lyricism exists as a mirror into Jay Prince’s most contemplative moments with himself – a black man – and what it is that existence carries. prayers is cut of the same thematic and emotionally upturned cloth, exploring in particular this moment and this movement. And though it’s a more positively directed anthem of overcoming and strength, it too is underlined with painful emotion. soulutions by its very name feels as though it alludes to the healing power of music. And Jay Prince’s music – eternally cemented in legitimate emotion and thoughtful direction – boasts the kind of soul that not only heals, but will with time come to exist as a vivid look into these historic moments; a deep message sent en medias res from the poignant labyrinth that is 2020.